Touch of Sun - Therapeutic Massage
Touch of Sun -
Therapeutic Massage 

Therapeutic massage is a remarkable tool for helping you cope with stress. Over time, you can use massage to help you develop healthy and productive responses to the stressful challenges in your daily life.  Massage helps your muscles return to normal function, it can help you resume activity sooner, enhance your performance, and help your muscles work more efficiently.
Kathy Szymczak, LMT, is a graduate from Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. Her specialty is a 90 minute customized therapeutic massage, within she will address all areas of the body to reduce pain brought on by muscle tension, trigger points and facial adhesions. This custom massage is eclectic by incorporating many massage techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, and Swedish

60 min Massage                       $80
90 min Massage                      $100
Half-Hour Massage                  $40
Hot stone Massage 60 min     $90
Hot stone Massage 90 min    $110

Packages also available      

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